Client: Senoritas


Role: UX / Design

The Brief:

  • Give an overview of what the supply is in the neighborhood, city, region or country of the demand side.
  • Make it easy for the demand side to scroll and browse through the listings.
  • Facilitate finding supply specific to the taste of the demand.
  • Entice the demand side to click through to listings of the supply side.
  • Entice the demand side to sign up for data collection and future expansion functionalities.
  • Direct traffic (physical and digital) to home agency if locally available and other agencies when not
  • A clean overview of all the listings in the form of a grid-system with name, photos, age, location, confirmed label, online icon, video icon ( In the case of home agency or other agencies also some form of indication and preferential treatment of home agency girls with native advertising placement.
  • Geotracking, so that automatically the listings of sex workers are shown in the city where the customer is visiting from. But also an easy option to change location in the form of neighborhood, city, region and country.
  • A simple search engine that can be expanded into an advanced search engine.
  • An automatically expanding browsable list of listings, the way the Facebook Newsfeed/Timelines function and an indication when last updated/online every 5 minutes (like Photoprepagos)
  • Easily clickable individual listings, giving a preview (showing name, location, age, 2 or 3 photos and distance from visitor like “this girl is 5KM away”)  and the option to go to the full listing/profile page.
  • Offer listing orders. Standard listing order is “by update” on supply side, optional listing orders are “newest first” and “confirmed first”. Exclusive listing orders for members, which is mentioned when you want to change the listing order, are “by ranking/reputation”, “by distance”, “by price”, “only promotions” and “only with videos”.
  • A sign-up and sign-in button.
  • A language button (English, Spanish or Portuguese)
  • A banner between listing with advertisement for home agency or other agencies.
  • A SFW version